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0424 918 566

About us

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I get a buzz out of building websites and promoting them to their target audiences to get results for my clients. My biggest passion is learning. I am constantly updating my knowledge in the field of web design, user experience and marketing. 

When I am not developing strategy or design, I am going to the theatre or drinking wine with my friends, engaging in photography or cooking.


Creative process

My process is very practical, and works every time!

  • designing an information architecture for your website, to organise the information in a way that will make sense to your target audience. This provides the basic structure or site map of the site.
  • wireframes are then developed to design the basic layout of the homepage and inner pages of the site.
  • the site begins to be physically developed, with the basic skeleton of the main content headings of your website.
  • graphic design and look and feel of the website is developed.
  • written and graphical content is uploaded to the site to provide the necessary information to your target audience. Depending on the project, the written content may be produced by you or us.  

At the completion of the project, the site is made live and launched to your target audience. If promotion is required as part of the project, marketing activities are engaged to promote your website to your ideal customer. I consult with you at every step of this process, and adjust accordingly.

Educational background

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications with majors in Digital Advertising Technology and Marketing at Swinburne University in Melbourne. This continues to build on my knowledge of web development to provide up to date knowledge on technology and marketing.

I have studied Web Development through the Free Code Camp, which has allowed me to gain skills in CSS, HTML and Javascript.

I began my career by studying Web Technologies and Digital Media at TAFE in Bega, NSW. This provided me with practical skills in customising and developing Wordpress websites for clients. I have been active in the local IT networking group in Bega, sharing my knowledge and skills with other IT professionals on the coast.

I am now a part of numerous learning and networking groups in Melbourne, which helps to build my skills and develop my knowledge in web development and marketing.

Company values and history

The name fizBITS was developed in a presentation during Web Design class, where I made up a word to describe those unforeseen problems that eventuate in the web design process and require problem solving skills to resolve. The class took on the name for their web design company, and gave it to me for use in my business.

I believe that great websites are built on the following principles:

  • flawless functionality
  • communicate messages to target market or audience
  • great communication between our company and our clients to get superior results
  • dedicated support to help clients to sustainably manage their own websites
  • beautiful design and graphical treatment to wow your customers

Previous work

I have developed business websites and e-commerce websites, worked in teams and individually to get great outcomes for my clients.

View my portfolio of previous work