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How to prepare for your briefing meeting

The first step in the process involves developing the scope and goals of your project. It is a crucial step. The more analysis we do at this point, the more successful your project will be. It is important that the project supports the goals of your company, and to do that, we need to be clear about your goals, your point of difference and your competition. Any market research that you have done in the past will be useful to this stage of the project.

Download the project planner

To get you thinking about the factors that are important to your success, and to give you the opportunity to delve deep and think about your aims and goals for your website we have developed a Project Planner, which is basically the start of a Design Brief. The questions in this project planner will help us to develop an estimate for your project and to provide you with a project proposal.

After you have completed the project planner in as much detail as possible, upload it below or send it to us via email at info@fizbitswebdesign, and we will be in touch to set up a meeting to discuss your project.

Download the project planner now

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What content will I need from you to build your website?

Please supply as much information as possible about your business, in the project planner, above, including your logo and addresses websites that you like. This will help me to provide you with an estimate of the cost of your website, and will help us to build a successful website that progresses your business goals.

Your project costs will be greatly reduced if you supply the written content for your website. Images can be supplied by you, taken especially for the project or sourced from stock photography. If you wish to sell products online you may want to supply the product descriptions. All of this written content and image assets can be optimised for search engines.