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Left and right side of the brain – what are your favourites?

Do you know what I think would make an interesting piece of research?

(I have been ill since Friday, so I have wayy too much time on my hands at the moment. I think it is true what my Mum says when she says ‘It keeps me off the streets’, hehe. Work does do that! Haha, without it, I am a little bit…)

I am interested in the ways the two sides of our brain process information, or accept information, particularly in regard to social media.

Today, I (probably mistakenly) replied to an email thread about some VERY technical information. It probably isn’t even THAT technical, but I do find that when people write about highly technical things, my brain just ‘will not compute’. It just goes on this kind of strike in a way, and will not let ANY of it in.

Say what?

This is quite humorous to me, because I do get employed (partially) to work in a technical field and often have to edit and write code such as HTML and CSS (and maybe in the future, Javascript – since it is THE most popular language). I feel stressed even thinking about all the things that are waiting for me when I get back to work, and maybe I really should try to do some of this today, but one of the most pressing jobs on my list is technical, and I certainly find that kind of work to be more of a ‘grind’ than the more verbal left brained stuff such as marketing and communications.

Using the different sides of our brains in social media

Is strategy planning right brain or left brain? I think that visual stuff, such as graphic design is right brain too, similar to tech, but what I am interested in TODAY, is this idea, when I am scrolling through social media, that on days like today, I find it EASIER to digest ‘text’ rather than ‘images’. Except if there is too much text, like a huge block of it. Then my brain assesses the situation, and aborts mission before even making a start.

Instagram is one of my favourite platforms, because I love scrolling through pretty pictures, but same with the captions. If it is too long, I won’t read it, I will just snap that shit closed and get on with my day.

In the moment and switching between hemispheres

I think this MIGHT be because whether we are using the right hand side of our brains or the left hand side of our brains, we are geared towards that hemisphere. Particularly, in that moment. So for example, when I AM in a technical task and doing code work, I find it really hard to SWITCH back to some kind of email copy task, or to absorb verbal (written) words. And the other way around.

It is really interesting to me. The testing that I have done indicates that I use both side of my brain pretty equally, but some people are definitely more geared towards one side or the other. Apparently the ONLY time that those two sides of the brains TALK to each other are during mindfulness or meditation, and I think there is something in that for everyone 🙂

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