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customer segments in marketing - the coastal audience - view of merimbula bridge across the water

Local radio demographics – marketing applications in action

One thing I love about learning more and more about marketing and business every year, is the fact that it becomes clearer, while listening to a local radio station, the demographic of the coastal town I am holidaying in this summer. Obviously, there would be outliers, and as with marketing generally, there is no point trying to be something to everyone. But, I get a picture of the ideal customer of a local radio station (2EC) by listening to both the content of the advertising, the news and of course the choice of music. It is super interesting.

bar beach people and view to the ocean on an overcast day

This radio station is not trying to speak to people who like to be on the cutting edge of music. A youth radio station like Triple J is more likely to scratch that itch. It is a good place to find good music, although, I would suggest that an even better place to find new music is Spotify. With their curated playlists as well as personalised new release playlists, it can be a fantastic way to stay up to date. I know this because I am even familiar with a couple of the songs my teenage nieces play this holidays. I am keeping up to date, and that is always good!

Radio content gives information about the flavour of the community in question

Back to the demographics of 2EC, I think that their target demo is an interesting group to consider. They play quite a bit of feel good music from the 80s, which makes me think that it would appeal to people about my age and older, maybe a bit younger. Who doesn’t like the happy, upbeat tunes of 80s music? It gives them a distinction from youth radio.

The ads are a typically ‘local’ flavour and promote supporting local people and the local economy. It is refreshing, I must say. The radio station that I listen to in Melbourne, PBS, which is broadcast from my very own suburb, advertise too, but it promotes less local messages, than 2EC on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Although I couldn’t really get more LOCAL than PBS in my world.

Can learn a lot about a community by listening to advertising

It is definitely interesting to learn more about the people in this place by listening to their local commercial radio. As a major advertiser, I think it is safe to say that this media channel would have done their research, and they would have a clear idea of the customer profile of people listening to their station.

It is interesting to unwrap these distinctions and characteristics, each day that I listen to this station as I am driving along.

Learning marketing helps me to make these distinctions and to pick up on what other businesses are trying to achieve, and how they are communicating these messages through media channels locally. It really is an interesting lens, through which to learn about a place.

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