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Postage customer service in Australia – ecommerce

Quite frankly, I am SHOCKED about the cost of postage in Australia. Especially when the Australia Post shop that I went to was run by some shady guy who did his best to get as much money as he could out of me.

$16.95 to send a medium sized book about 700 km seems a bit excessive to me. The shop assistant said that this was because it was going to regional Australia, and while that is something to keep in mind, I did say to him: ‘I am going to look it up.’

AusPost pricing transparency

The AusPost website said that the cost of postage from Melbourne to the south coast of NSW should be $13.80 for packages between 500 g and 3 kg. I know that it is only $3, but on an already exorbitant cost, I was pretty miffed, I have to say.

The AusPost guy was careful to offer the most expensive options. In commerce, particularly ecommerce, nothing annoys me more. I mean sure, there are costs, there are overheads, and you need to make a profit, but if you don’t give me your best deal, I am going to be pissed.

Customer service is one of the biggest points of difference

What that guy fails to realise is that he may have got $3 more this time, but I will GO OUT OF MY WAY to avoid his shop next time. I would rather walk a couple of kilometres or wait until I am going past another Post Shop than support his business.

It is a lesson for us in our ecommerce business and also to anyone who is working in this area. Don’t piss people off, would be my advice!! They may avoid you in the future, but if they are so inclined they may leave a bad review of your business and that can be so incredibly detrimental!

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