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What will your costs be?

A website is an important part of infrastructure for your business. Your initial costs depend on how complex your project is. Do you want a simple three to six page website to promote your business? Do you want to sell products to consumers from your website?

Your initial investment is based on the time it takes to design and develop your website. The best way to get an estimate of what your website will cost is to meet with me for a coffee and discuss your project. I have a series of questions that will help me to provide an estimate of your costs. The main components of your costs are listed below. 

Website design and development

Web design and development is the primary component of your project. Your project will also benefit from careful analysis and User Experience Design (Ux) to provide superior user experiences. 

After the analysis is complete, your website is built, layer upon layer, based on your desired look and feel.

As a general guide, basic business websites start from about $1500 and E-commerce websites start from about $3000.

Hourly rate

Although I provide an estimate of the cost of your website to design and develop, I will invoice you for the number of hours I spend working on your project. My hourly rate is $80 per hour.

Domain and hosting

A domain name will cost you between $20 and $50 a year, for the life of your website. 

Hosting of your website will cost you between $129 a year for one basic website, up to $299 a year for an e-commerce website with https – secure socket layer.


Collaboration with other professionals and third party content

Third party content such as stock photography or other content for your website, may be required, if you are unable to provide images or content for your website. The cost of stock photography is generally $49 per 5 images, and is a great way to get high quality images for your site. 


Template and plugin costs

The basic infrastructure of your Wordpress website is a basic template, which will be customised to provide your desired functionality and graphic, look and feel of your website. A template will cost you between $80 to $100 depending on the exchange rate at the time.

There are numerous plugins available for further customisation of your website for more advanced functionality. Some of these plugins are free, and some will have a cost associated with them.

Ongoing costs and maintenance

I do not charge a monthly fee for the maintenance of your website, and I provide three months of free after sales care to support you in learning how to update and maintain your site, after the completion of the project.
For any additional maintenance or work after the three month period, I charge hourly at the agreed hourly rate, or part thereof.

Payment terms

My payment terms are for payment of a deposit for half the estimated cost of the website, at the commencement of the project, followed by monthly payments for larger projects, or a final fee at the end of the project for smaller projects.

Are you ready to get started?

The first step in the process to getting your website designed and built, is to set up a meeting where I can get to know more about your business and your project, and gather the required information to give you an estimate for the cost of your website.

You can set up a meeting and provide me with some helpful information about your business on the following page.

Get started