Fizbits Web Design and associates offer services across the full life cycle of a website, from an initial audit to determine how to get the most impact to your bottom line for the least effort (cost), through design, UX, development, marketing and analytics. Jump in at the step that suits you best and let us help you improve your digital presence, or strap in for the full ride, from analysis, through design, to marketing and opimisation.

website audit

Website Audit

Want to deep dive into analysis of the areas of your website that are not converting efficiently, or areas where you are losing leads?

Whether it is technical issues, SEO, UX, social media, issues with mobile design, site speed, outdated design, rebranding, or digital marketing issues, our website audit will get to the bottom of what is causing the lack of performance and provide a plan for fixing it. Learn more here. 

User Research

You don’t need to appeal to everyone. In fact, trying to appeal to everyone is a terrible idea. There is a core group of users who need the services or products you have to offer. And these users share characteristics that can help you find new customers just like them.

Our user research services will help you to really work out who your target market is, what their challenges and pain points are, and how your products or services can make their lives better. Learn more here. 

ux and visual design

User Experience and Visual design

Great design is a harmony between visually stunning interfaces that look great, and functional websites that guide your customers ever forward in their journey towards conversion and then advocacy of your products or services.

There is a science to great User Experience (UX) and Fizbits Web Design have the expertise and passion to design user experiences that will delight your customers and help your business to thrive. Learn more here. 

protoyping for web design services melbourne


There is a lot of waste that can happen in web design and development, when proposed designs are not tested with prospective audiences. 

Protoyping can save time and money, by developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be taken out of the building to test on real users. This ensures that the assumptions we develop as part of the design process are validated and tested with real users. Learn more here.

Website development

Website development refers to the physical building or coding of your website. You might want to skip to this step, if you have already designed your website or know precisely what you want built.

Fizbits Web Design develop websites in WordPress, using HTML, CSS and PHP. We can pull off most things. And we can help you to add functionality to your WordPress website or make changes to an existing website. 

Marketing and promotion

Once you have a great new website, the work does not stop there. There are millions of websites on the Internet. How is anyone going to find yours?

We can help you to get a steady stream of new customers, using strategies such as copywriting and content marketing. We have expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimsation), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) like Google Ads. We also have experience testing other methods to gain traction for our customers. These methods will help you to get traffic and with the logical design of your new website, this traffic will convert into customers.

Testing, Analytics and Optimisation

Now that you have a website and a steady stream of traffic, we can analyse the performance of your website, in order to optimise marketing and design efforts. 

This iterative approach, means that you will always have data on elements of your website or marketing efforts that can be optimised to bring better results.

If you aren’t sure where to start getting data insights that will help you take action, or want to learn more about your customer behaviour, we can help you with testing, analytics and optimisation.