About you

You are a busy business owner. You have had success in your business, and it is time for your business to grow. Time is stretched and you want to put your efforts into the activities you are skilled at in your business. 

You want a new website, or to update your existing website. But either you or your team doesn’t have the technical skills or time required to build a website in-house.

Your dream is to have a digital presence that is congruent with your brand and builds your reputation, and brings in new customers to make sales. 

In the past, you got a website built, but the exorbitant fees made you feel hesitant to engage a full-service agency to redevelop your website. 

If you don’t do anything you will be stuck with a website that isn’t working and isn’t bringing in new business, or no website at all. Your potential customers and clients will have nowhere to get credible information about your products or services and you will lose sales.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I used to be where you were. We had spent over $10K on a website that didn’t achieve effective sales or bring in new business, and we didn’t want to do it again. I was unsure of how technology can be utilised to build a brand and generate sales. 

That is why I spent years learning how to build effective websites and created Fizbits do-it-for-you web design services. This service provides small businesses and e-commerce wannabes the capacity to improve sales in their businesses.

Simply get in touch by filling in your details to get a free obligation free consultation.

You will have a great, new, conversion effective website you can be proud of and your sales and reputation will improve.

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