Please find below some of my recent projects. It has been so satisfying to develop my skills over the 10+ years that I have been working as a designer and developer. The main categories of work that I do are branding, design, development, content, marketing, SEO, and technical support.

Little Snail

Design, development, marketing, content, management

Play Imports

Play Imports - Fizbits Web Design client

Design, development, technical support, management, marketing


Nurturepreneur - branding


Little Gives

Branding, design, development, content

Lampe de Lune

Lampe de Lune branding


Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness

atlas of life - fizbits web design portfolio

Development, technical support

My Health Zest

My Health Zest Fizbits portfolio

Branding, design, development, content, SEO

Body and Beyond

Body and Beyond - fizbits web design portfolio

Design, development

A Weekend of Adventures

Branding, design, development, content, SEO