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So, you have a great new website! What now?

So you have a spanky new website, and you think you can sit back to watch the traffic and the dollars roll in. Unfortunately it is not that easy. There are two things going on when you want to make a profit from the web channel of your business. The first is that you have to be very clear what you want people to do when they get to your website. What is your ultimate desired conversion activity?

It might be to fill in a contact form on your site, and get in touch, or it might be to buy a product, whatever your ultimate desired conversion activity is, your website needs to be designed so that it guides your potential customers and clients to that goal.

Website design and user experience captures leads

This is part of the website design and user experience of the site. Your potential customers shouldn’t need to GUESS what you want them to do. Your website should make their next step abundantly clear.

The other part of making your website successful is to actually tell people that it exists. SEO can help people to find you when they are searching for relevant keywords related to your business, but SEO can take some time to gain any traction – usually three to six months. You need to invest time and / or money into marketing your website so that your potential clients and customers can actually find you.

Few businesses survive without marketing

Marketing your business and getting traffic to your website might involve writing press releases for magazines and newspapers, with a fresh and catchy ‘news’ angle that will convince editors to write about your business. It might involve investing in some Adwords advertising, so that when people are searching for keywords related to your business, your ad is shown at the top of Google’s results. It might involve writing professional articles and submitting them to popular article sites, or networking with other bloggers.

Social media might help you to expand your network and direct traffic to your website. There are numerous marketing avenues that are available to your business. You need to employ at least a few of these or other marketing strategies, to see traffic come to your website and to get new business.

A sales funnel

Not all of these visitors will convert on your website. For ecommerce stores, the expected rate of conversion is about 2 %, but it really depends what your business does and how your website is designed to move potential clients through your sales funnel to your ultimate desired conversion activity.

Simply having a website built is not enough to guarantee you instant sales. We can design a website that will bring your potential customers closer to your desired goal, but that is only part of the whole solution.

I keep all of this in mind when I am designing your website, and I can help you to utilise some of these marketing channels to bring in more traffic and to capture these leads. Get in touch to discuss a wholistic solution, that will keep your goals front and centre.

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