what does success mean for your business?

What is the specific business goal of your new website?

I have been thinking about the purpose of this fizBITS Web Design business today and it really became clear to me, after I had mapped it out. My goal is to help you succeed in your business or organisation.

Of course, success comes in all sorts of different flavours and colours. You might want to use your website to build a local community. Or you might want to get the word out about your writing, and build your audience. Your website might be a communication tool that helps you to connect with other human beings.

Mostly, though you will probably want to achieve some kind of financial aim.

Achievement in the form of financial reward

If your website has a financial aim, or at least a combination of aims. You might want to sell your product to consumers. Perhaps you want to get more traffic to your site, so that more people become aware of your products or services. Or perhaps you want to encourage potential clients to contact you.

Each project has a different and unique business goal. For each goal, I can dig into my box of web design and marketing tools and choose the right tools for your business. There are a combination of design, development and marketing principles available to us, that will help to satisfy your aims. I am learning more all the time.

How do we know if your business goal is successful?

The way that we can measure the success of your project, is if your business goal is met. It is important to outline what these specific and measurable goals are at the beginning of the project. Otherwise we won’t know if the website is successful.

Once it is very clear, what, realistically you want to achieve and by when, then we can do some strategy planning to determine which marketing and web design tools are right for your business.


Image credit: “Inspirational” by WinMeNot is licensed under CC PDM 1.0 

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