working productively from your home office

Working productively – when inspiration hits

When you do you have your best business ideas? And when do you do your most productive work? As a new business or start up, it is great to build an understanding of how you work best and your best conditions for working productively. Perhaps you have your best ideas when you are standing under the warm water in the shower. Or perhaps, like me, there is something about a sunny Saturday morning, when the world has started to relax, when you have your brightest and best ideas, and work the most productively.

If you are lucky enough to be able to choose where you work, where do you find that you do your best work? Sometimes it can be isolating as a new business owner to work at home alone. We are social animals and we need people to bounce off, and stimulation in order to get into work for the day.

Working productively in traditional work environments

It can be great if you work in an office with other people and many people have this luxury. You can talk to your co-workers. You get out into the world every morning, and change your scenery. There is a reason why working in an office or shop or other public workplace can be so effective. You need to be belly to belly with your customers, in order to get new business. So it makes sense to work in an environment where you can interact with your clients and customers.

What if you work from home? What if your business is not so established that you have enough budget to cover the overheads of an office in your suburb or city to work on your business? In that case, there is a lot to be gained from taking your work to your favourite cafe. You need to find your best conditions for working productively.

The 21st Century office

I find that there is something so stimulating about working in a cafe, surrounded by the whirl and hub bub of every day life. Also, it is nice to be around other people, who you can interact with and share something of your day.

I often take my computer to my local cafe for a lovely pot of chai tea, and happily find I am working productively, more so, than when I am at home. It is a lovely environment to be productive.

Co-working spaces in Melbourne

There are also co-working spaces all over Australia. However, if you don’t want to commit to the ongoing monthly cost, you could check out for a pop up co-working space in your city. Here in Melbourne, there is a new meetup group dedicated to just that. Workers get together to work together in cafes all over Melbourne. It is a great way to work. It is no fun working at home alone all the time. Working in a co-working space can break up the week. It can get your best ideas flowing and your most productive work done.

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