email marketing and planning

Email marketing and list building 101

Top of my TO DO list at the moment is to design an email sequence that will nurture the relationship one of my clients has with their customers. It is an interesting exercise, that will require a lot of testing and tweaking to get the sweet spot. But email marketing can be a highly effective way to reach your audience in a personal way.

email marketing is relationships buildingEmail marketing requires a good understanding of your audience, so that you are designing effective emails, AND a decent sized list. It can be difficult to know where to begin to design your email sequence. But if you have some basic guidelines it can be easier.

At the moment I am starting with a 10 email sequence that goes over 21 days. I am going to adapt this for various starting times and the AIM of the sequence is to encourage new customers to buy from our mid year sale.

It will be interesting to see what works and what doesn’t and to collect this data for next year. I know that a lot of business gurus will offer advice and suggest that you don’t need to make your own mistakes, to succeed. But I think that every business is different, and it can be very worthwhile to collect as much data as possible. This can guide future decisions and make your marketing campaigns more effective.
email marketing and planning

How to build a list?

There are ways of building a list and ways of building a list. The most important thing I have learnt recently is that one of the best ways to build a list is to advertise. Of course, advertising costs money, and in order to be able to scale your advertising and to recoup the costs of your advertising, it is important to offer your new audience something instantly that they can buy from your business. This allows you to develop advertising that pays for itself.

The other way of significantly increasing the size of your list is encouraging your subscribers to share your list with their friends. If you offer them some kind of unique link that gives them more points, in say a competition or some kind of bonus related to the number of their friends that subscribe, your list building can go viral.

email marketing - mail merge

Content sells

Then you can nurture your list. You might send a welcome email, and then market your affiliate products. Or you might want to connect with your audience, bringing them step by step, closer to your goal. Whatever your approach, a bigger list increases your chances of success. I would also recommend split testing your email content to find out what works for your specific audience.

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