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How great is Instagram? For branding, design or creativity!

There are so many reasons to love Instagram. It can be such a great way to get creative. By the very nature of the presentation of your photos in Instagram it can enhance your design skills. Especially when you start to learn a few tricks from those accounts who have thousands of followers.
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I love it because I have always loved photography, and seeing photos displayed in a gallery is very rewarding. It teaches me to observe every environment and every happening more carefully, to see if there is a photo opportunity within a particular journey or event.

One trick that I have learnt recently is that it can be good to have a theme to your Instagram gallery. It might be a specific colour like white, that ties all your images together, or a particular shape. It might be a specific subject like plants. night lights theme for Instagram - lights on the Yarra

Most of the popular accounts have a theme, and they do not divert from that theme. They do not post photo after photo of plants and then have a drunk, blurry photo in a bar. Do you have a particular subject or aesthetic that you particularly like?

Followers and unfollowers

I am yet to find the secret to gaining thousands of Instagram followers. I will surely share it with you when I do find it! I haven’t really been really using Instagram for branding purposes either. It is such a nice hobby. I want to do it for the fun of it.

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So far, I understand that people might unfollow you for a variety of reasons. One thing that really bothers people is that some people will follow you, and then unfollow you a couple of days later whether you followed them back or not. This is the height of rudeness in my estimation. You can usually tell who might fit this description from their following to follower ratio. It seems that a lot of people (often teenagers), will follow you to get attention, but unfollow you a couple of days later to keep their ratio in the right nature at the david hockney exhibtion

My advice would be not to let it bother you. It happens to a lot of people. I tend to only follow accounts that really inspire me. This is partially because it is a privileged space. I look at Instagram first thing in the morning, so I don’t want my feed filled with the kind of *crap* that can be in the Facebook feed, or on Twitter. It is a sacred space in my opinion, of beautiful things. It is a collection of beautiful photos and that is why I love it so much.

What are you excited about with your Instagram account? Have you had much traction with this platform yet? Are you looking at your Instagram account as an exercise in design? Tell me!!

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