The process of getting motivated for work

What is your process for getting motivated for work every day? As someone who works from home, I have struggled in the past with trying to begin the day. Especially when I need to do tasks which are not particularly well defined or structured.

If you work from home, or if you find that you find it difficult to get into work every day, or even if you could just benefit from some tips about being more productive at work, then perhaps you will get some benefit from reading about ways I have found to be useful in reducing procrastination and getting motivated to work.

Talking about work first thing can get the day off to a good start

When I first noticed that I was having trouble getting motivated for work, I found that it was very helpful to ring my mother and have a conversation about what we hoped to achieve for the day. Although, I am building my web design business, most of my work comes from working with Little Snail, Play Imports and Moulin Roty Australia. Talking to my Mum, was a great way of getting my head into the right space. These are productive conversations, but I was feeling dependent on them.

So, I found that any kind of work conversation in the morning can be beneficial. I initially thought that it was just conversation. But I find it most helpful if you can have a conversation specifically related to your work in some way. As it gets your head into the zone of being productive.

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Dried birthday ranunculas from my beautiful Mummy

Creative writing to get motivated for work

I also have a blog, which is very useful in helping me to get motivated for work. In fact, this very blog post is part of the process I am using to get back into work on my marketing assignment, which is due on Friday. There is something very helpful about presenting your thoughts in a written way. It allows you to express some of your distracting thoughts and thereby get over the hurdle and get back into work.

Vein of Gold - Julia Cameron
You may have heard about ‘Morning pages’? These are a tried and true method from a great book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Dumping all the thoughts at the top of your mind, first thing in the morning, when you first get up. So that you can focus your energy and be productive during the day.



Do something FOR someone else

All of these strategies are useful, and of course it is great to have a few different options. So that you always have something you can do to get productive and into work. Another strategy that I find very useful is doing something first thing that is both pressing and / or FOR someone else. They are depending on you to get it done, so it is compelling, first thing in the morning. I often find that after I have spent an hour or so on a client project that needs progressing, my mind is thoroughly ready to start to work on some of those tasks that are less well defined or structured.

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Card sorting exercise for a WordPress website

Change your environment

If all else fails, maybe you could consider changing your environment. On mornings when I am finding it particularly hard to get into work or study, I find that walking to a cafe and setting up my computer, surrounded by the buzz of people, music, food and other kinds of stimulating activities can be very helpful in getting into the right head space for being productive at work.

You might find these strategies useful for beginning work, but they can also be used at any time of the day. When you are feeling less than motivated, or wanting to procrastinate, do some of these to get your mind into the right mindset for getting into some productive work!

I would love to hear about other ways you have for engaging in this process of becoming motivated for work each day? Please share them in the comments!

  • G
    Posted at 22:50h, 30 September Reply

    Hi chookn

    Morning coffee at my desk signals the beginning of work!

    Also helps me to write down what i plan to do the next day when i go to bed. Planning and thinking a bit about it gives me direction and motivation. What am i doing, why, whats important, etcetera.

    • Sarah James
      Posted at 06:47h, 08 October Reply

      Hi Gerry!! How lovely to hear from you, after all this time 🙂 I hope everything is going swell in your world!

      It sounds like you are very disciplined and the process of sitting down with your coffee at your desk is enough to get your mind ready for work! That is amazing 🙂 Are you still working for Government? Or do you have your own business now? I think that there are a lot of benefits of working in an office with other people. The fact that you get up and change your environment, and then sit down to work with other people can be very motivating 🙂

      I have also heard that planning the night before can be very helpful 🙂 It means that you can hit the ground running when you start work the next day 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comment!! I hope we can catch up sometime 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would love to hear all your news!! xx

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