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Revenue planning in new business ventures

One thing that I share with many of my clients is the promise of new business ventures. It is my job to create websites that help to realise the business goals of new ventures.

As a web designer, a student of business, marketing, design and technology, I often think of exciting new business ideas. Most of these don’t get past the planning stage. There is something important about fatal flaws in business planning. There can be important reasons why your business idea will never realise the success that you imagine.

However, there are some business ideas that have a solid basis for further investigation and market research. If you have a clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your product or service, and a viable segment of the market who would be willing to pay for the value that you offer, then it would be worthwhile developing your idea further.

Business model canvas

My latest idea is something that is completely unique. It is a need that is not being met in the marketplace. It is persistent. I can forget it for a while, and then remember it again, when I realise that my needs are not being met as a consumer.

This idea would provide VALUE to a number of different groups of stakeholders, and yet, I was as yet unsure what kind of business model would allow revenue to be generated from this business.

After talking to a few friends about different businesses in this industry, I found a great business model planning document. It is called the Business model canvas, and it can help you to develop your new business ventures to determine what VALUE you will provide, and to determine who would be willing to pay you for that value.


If you want to use this document to plan your own new business idea, click on the image and select ‘save as’. Then you can print this document from and use it to work through your ideas.

New business ventures – the spice of life

There is actually nothing more invigorating than planning new business ventures. I always feel like I am elated when I have been involved in a new business planning session. I guess the thing is that after the initial planning, research and development, comes a whole section of implementation, where you need to be sure that: 1. your business idea has legs and 2. that you are passionate enough about it to maintain the energy needed to bring it to fruition.

My job is to build websites for people who are developing their business ideas. From my experience developing my own ideas, but more from my experience in designing websites and information models, I can help you to communicate your business message through a website to your target market. To see how I can help you to achieve your business goals click here.

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